November 13, 2022

Barry Phillips is the founder and Congregational Leader of House of David Beit Midrash in Gloucester Point, Virginia, established in September, 2002. Having served in church pulpit ministries for 19 years, a trip to Israel left him with questions without comfortable answers. The resulting search led he and his family to redirect their focus to reach the remnant of the House of Yisrael, scattered among the nations and see it restored. He serves as an Elder with Bney Yosef of North America [BYNA], inducted at their 1st Summit in 2016. Additionally, he founded Remnant of Yisrael, an online ministry focusing on reaching those left isolated and disconnected, “The Corner Harvest”. His teachings and sermons can be found on YouTube at his “Remnant of Yisrael” channel. This includes a daily commentary “Ten Minute Torah”, a weekly program with Mike Clayton called “Foundations For Life”, and the Shabbat teaching from House of David. Composing over 40 original songs, he seeks to lead congregations in a meaningful worship experience with heart felt lyrics and fresh stylings. Barry and his wife Laura have resided in Gloucester, Virginia for 23 years and have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren


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