August 2, 2020

Laquan Green, 26, is a church planting resident, and writer, Born and raised in Gloucester, he has a deep passion for the people of Gloucester to see the glory of Christ, the power of the Gospel and the beauty of the Church for which he has a profound love for. His preaching and writing is marked by love of the Scriptures as God-breathed, God on every page, with hope to grow healthy, missional, gospel centered churches that cultivate environments where the Gospel is not merely preached but experienced. Often referencing to the church as “family”, in his years of serving the church, he has been able to serve in many capacities as bible teacher, pastoral mentor, etc. From this love of the church, he hopes to grow loving, humble, and godly pastors and ordinary church members rooted in their cities for the cause of the Gospel. He now serves as in teaching & preaching at Providence Baptist Church in Gloucester, Virginia. Out of this deep love for the church of Gloucester, he plans to plant LifeWell Church next year. He is also the co-host of The LifeWell Podcast, and host of A Holy Moment with Laquan Green (Podcast).


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