April 23, 2023

Pastor Tom Tipton came to Susanna Wesley UMC during the pandemic In July of 2020. He is married to Kim Emerson-Tipton whose mother and family are from Gloucester County. He grew up in both the Methodist and Presbyterian church. He served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps as an officer leaving the service for the corporate world to direct the development of imaging systems, products and solutions. Running from God’s call to ministry which he first felt in his 20’s. He would be brought to his knees in 1996 through Gods’ grace. In 2002 he entered Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington. D.C. Since 2007 has served in the peninsula area in New Kent County and Newport News. Kim and Tom have four daughters who live in Evanston, IL; Cleveland, OH; Hanover, PA; and Williamsburg, VA.


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April 30, 2023

Pastor Nate Varnadore is the Lead Pastor at Providence Baptist Church in Hayes, Virginia. Nate is native to Palmetto, Florida and is married to Melissia